Attractions in Jutland

Montra Hotel Sabro Kro is situated in one of the most beautiful areas of Denmark.

By car you can travel to many attractions and places of interest on a day trip and still get back to the hotel in the evening to relax and recuperate!

If you are going to visit Aarhus City we would recommend that you buy an Aarhus card. This card will enable the following.

  • free use of public transport buses in Aarhus City Centre
  • free admission to various museums
  • free parking in one of the car parks in Aarhus City Centre

We hope that the following can give you a little bit of inspiration for planning your day trip from the hotel.

Skandinavian Zoo - Djursland

This zoo, which is situated in Djursland, has a wide variety of animals including, polar bears, wolves, moose and many other varieties of animals. You can help to feed the animals, or even follow a zoo keeper around and go behind the “scenes”.

Visit the homepage of Skandinavisk Dyrepark here

ARoS – Aarhus' art gallery

ARoS was opened in 2004 and has since become one of Denmark’s most popular, and exciting art galleries. The gallery houses not only 300 years of Danish art but also modern and International exhibitions.

In May 2011 ARoS opened its new flagship attraction, floating above the Aarhus skyline, Your Rainbow Panorama. This colourful walkway situated on the very top of the museum offers fantastic panoramic views of the City.

Visit the homepage of ARoS’s homepage

Den Gamle By - "The Old Town"

Den Gamle By was founded in 1909 as the world's first open-air museum of urban history and culture. 75 historical houses from all over Denmark shape the contours of a Danish town as it might have looked in Hans Christian Andersen's days, with streets, shops, yards, homes and workshops. At the moment two new neighbourhoods are being built - from the 1920s and 1970s. Furthermore Den Gamle By consists of several museums and exhibitions.

Visit the homepage of Den Gamle By

Tivoli Friheden

Tivoli Friheden in Aarhus, has rides and amusements for everyone. There are wild and exciting rides for the youngsters, or the brave at heart!  to more gentle rides for the elder generation! A great day out for the whole family.

Visit the hompage of Tivoli Friheden here

Randers tropical rainforest

When stepping into Randers tropical rainforest you immediately find yourself being in a completely different world where the air is warm and humid and filled with the sounds of roaring waterfalls and calls from the many free-living monkeys and birds.The 3600 m2 tropical exhibition consists of three domes that house animals and plants from the world’s three largest rainforest continents.

Visit the homepage of Randers tropical rainforest here

Graceland in Randers

Graceland Randers is a new attraction inspired by Elvis Presley's home "Graceland" in Memphis. The house, a true copy of Graceland, is the ultimate tribute to the King of Rock-n-Roll. Henrik Knudsen, who founded Graceland in Randers, is a huge Elvis Presley fan and it is his collection of memorabilia which is housed in the museum in Randers.

Graceland Randers is a house of opportunities! The house essentially helps protect and safeguard the legacy of Elvis' life, his music and memory.

Visit the homepage of Graceland Randers here

"Jysk" Car Museum

The car museum is situated a mere 20 km from the hotel and it houses a vast collection of cars, motorbikes, lorries etc. , from the 1900 – 1960’s period. This is well worth a visit if you are a car or motor fanatic!

Visit the homepage of Jysk Car Museum here

Fuchsia Garden

Only 2 km for Montra Hotel Sabro kro you will find this beautiful garden filled with fuchsia, some of which are 30 years old! The garden also has waterfalls and other varieties of plants and flowers, beautifully arranged in beautifully arranged flower beds.

The garden is not open all year. Please see the link to the fuchsia garden here for opening times.